A few mistakes here and there aren’t going to make a huge difference. As long as you get to spend the rest of your life with the one you love and enjoy your big day, nothing else matters!
Now that he has finally popped the question and you are all set to change your title from miss to mrs, there is a great deal of planning and appointments that are about to take up your time. However, most couples prefer having an official engagement ceremony before the big day, just to celebrate this special moment with their loved ones. Here are a few tips to remember when planning this event.

Keep it simple
It is normal for you to be over the moon at this point as you are entering a new phase in your life. However, it is important to control this excitement and not put in all the effort for the engagement. Leave some excitement for the wedding as well. Therefore, it is better to keep this ceremony simple instead of spending everything now which might leave you compromising on the details of your wedding. Invite a limited number of guests which would ideally consist of close friends and family. The extended family can be a part of the main ceremony, later on.

Decide on a budget
This ceremony is usually an additional event, as most couples tend to have the wedding only. However, this could be due to constraint in their budget. If you do not have a similar issue, you could go ahead with this. However, you must remember to set a budget before you plan everything out. Get quotations for the venue, caterer, and decorator and choose the ones that suit your budget best. You could even get a discount if you make a deal with these vendors to hire them for your wedding as well. If certain aspects do not suit your budget, leave it out and include them for the wedding instead. For example: if a sapphire engagement ring is too expensive, you could opt for something simple now and have this stone added to your wedding ring instead.

Dress right
Apart from opting for a simple ceremony with a limited number of guests, it is also important to tone down the way you present yourself on this day. Do not make the mistake of arriving in a ball gown or something extravagant as this could leave you looking plain on the day of your wedding. Opt for a charm evening gown accompanied by simple platinum mens rings at Raffini Jewellers to complete the look. In addition, remember to keep the hairstyle and makeup on par with the dress without overdoing it. The engagement ceremony could be considered as a rehearsal of the main day. So, plan it well and not down any mistakes that you make so that you learn from them and do not repeat them while planning the wedding.