If you finally managed to save up enough to buy or rent your own place, then it comes down to organizing everything and decorating it to show off your personality. It has to look good for your friends and family to visit anyway, but that’s not the main reason for decorating in the first place. You should find time to acknowledge one of the first hurdles of becoming independent by having your own property (whether rented or owned). So here are some of the new age techniques to use to make your space give off your personality and liveliness for anyone who visits.

Make sure to pick the right paint

No professional house designs officer can save you from the nightmare of living in a place with the wrong colored painted walls. So when you are picking out the best paint to use for your walls, use your own house or friends/ family houses as references and also your favorite colors. Generally in the modern age you either go for a set of palettes that go with the theme that you are using in your house. So if you have the money to go full scale decorating mode, then make sure to pick the color for the walls depending on the furniture that you will be putting in the house as well. If you are renting a place, then make sure to check with the landlord regarding any redecorating rules or repainting rules that they conform to. Bold hues with rich undertones are great to show off any lighter shaded furniture and other parts in the house. Lighter shades are better for a house that does not have good lighting (natural or other).


One of the major rules for living alone will be proper curtains to shade you from prying eyes of neighbors and any other people with ulterior motives. If you have a wall that covers you from outsiders, then it is ok to go for lighter curtains or transparent ones. But if your apartment or house opens to the road or a public space then it is better to go for thick curtains or layers of curtains, as recommended by professional modern home builders. If you cannot repaint the room or add anything significant to the rented space then go for curtains to add color and a more luxurious look to your rooms.

If you do not have the budget to goal out and do something major to the interior of your rooms, then go for small items that add splashes of color. Get a painting with lots of bright colors or a vase with an usual shape a shade brighter than your walls and furniture. Just a pop of color in an otherwise neutral room can do wonders.